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6 sites for Surface Pattern Design Mockups

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6 sites for Surface Pattern Design Mockups

Having excellent mockups is essential for pattern designers, either to visualize your pattern designs in a setting in your portfolio or to easily create content for your social media.

Over the years as a professional surface pattern designer, I have gathered the best resources for pattern design mockups and templates, and in this guide, I will share them with you, and hopefully help other pattern designers elevate their designs.


Unblast is a fantastic resource for free templates and mockups, where they collected the best free mockups from around the web into one place, it’s like a search engine for free mockups. It’s my go-to site for free templates. The only downside is that some of the links to certain mockups don’t work anymore, but there are so many to choose from so it’s not really a problem.
unblast mockups

Stykke Studio

Stykke Studio sells gorgeous mockups for art prints, their mockups are always such high quality, set in lovely apartments, with exceptional lightning. If you’re not keen on spending money on mockups they also have a small selection of free mockups.

You can find Stykke Studio on Etsy too, where they have over 1800 reviews with a 5-star rating average.


Creatsy is a pattern designer’s dream come true. Creatsy sells a lot of different mockups that are all high quality. But as a pattern designer I would recommend checking out their fabric mockups, these mockups are MADE for pattern design and they look so professional, that they will elevate any pattern portfolio.

I recommend any of their fabric mockup bundles that included something like 80 templates, it’s pricey but after buying the bundles you’ll never have to look for mockups again!

Creatsy can be found on Etsy and Creative Market.


Unsplash is an enormous resource for free high-quality photos, it’s by far the best site for free stock photos. And you can also use Unsplash to make your own mockups, you won’t find ready mockups here but there are so many great photos that can be turned easily into a mockup with some basic Photoshop knowledge.

Unsplash is perfect for pattern designers that want to showcase their designs as wallpaper in a setting, for example.

Adobe Stock Mockups

If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription it actually comes with credits each month that you can use to download premium mockups (among many things). How many credits you get depends on what kind of plan you have, but don’t let these credits go to waste and grab some free mockups over at Adobe Stock.

Creative Market Mockup Templates

Creative Market is a marketplace for premium digital assets, like mockups and templates. There’s a tremendous selection of different mockup templates for pattern design to buy here. It’s a great place to go if you’re tired of looking through the free options on the list and want to save time and get exactly what you need now.

I recommend checking out the mockup bundles for the best deals for your money.
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