Screen Print as a base for Transfer Print on cotton

Before I started my masters degree work I made experiments with screen print as a base for transfer print on cotton. My initial idea was to use screen printed pigment on a cotton fabric as a surface that the sublimation print could adhere to, as that technique otherwise only works on synthetic fabrics.
It worked very well to use the the screen printed surface as a synthetic base for the transfer print so I made a huge textile to explore the technique.


The finished textile shown to the left is just under 300 x 300 centimetres. To achieve that size I had to separate my work into two halves, using two panels of fabric that was 150 x 300 centimetres each and at the end sew the two fabric panels together.

The first step was to Screen Print both fabric panels and to make sure that the repeat was seamless between both fabrics.

In the next step I transfer printed my flower on top of my screen printed cotton, trying to position the transfer paper so both the screen printed repeat and the transfer print would be as seamless as possible next to each other.

And then finally sewing both fabric panels together hoping all my measuring while printing was correct.