Ung Svensk Form + ASKUL = Tokyo

By 2017-12-18April 21st, 2020News

I applied for the Ung Svensk Form this fall and I was over the moon to be one of three finalists that received a trip to Tokyo to meet with the company Askul.

My wonderful travel companions was the two other finalists  Elin Hesselstrand and Karine Irene Andesson, aswell as Emma Olofsson from Svensk Form. We arrived in Tokyo Sunday afternoon after 15h flight and left again Friday morning. ASKUL where amazing hosts and took really good care of us while in Tokyo, they showed us their headquarters and gave us our three assignments to make design suggestions for Askul.

After they took us to dinner and let us explore the city. I would love to go back to that amazing city, those few days where not nearly enough, but they felt endless at the same time.

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